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I live by the wise words of journalist I.F. Stone: “..to write the truth as I see it; to defend the weak against the strong; to fight for justice; and to seek, as best I can to bring healing perspectives to bear on their terrible hates and fears of mankind, in the hope of someday bringing about one world, in which men[and women] will enjoy the differences of the human garden instead of killing each other over them.”

I put passion, creativity, and diligence into each journalistic piece I work on. Whether it's audio, digital, multimedia, or visual; I seek to tell the unconventional stories that aren't always told often enough, if at all. 

While I'm familiar with multiple journalistic platforms, I have a particular passion for radio and podcasts. In addition to reporting, I am experienced in editing, speaking on air, and script writing, along with other production related skills. You can check out my portfolio on this site. Feel free to contact me with any inquiries!



I was born and raised in the suburbs just outside Pittsburgh, PA. While I grew up loving my city, I always felt an overwhelming desire to explore.

From high school, I hopped on a plane and journeyed to Mount Desert Island, just off the coast of Northern Maine, where I attended College of the Atlantic -- a tiny liberal arts college comprised of just 350 students. As I began exploring my interests, I quickly found a passion for learning more about human beings and their behavior, the world around me, and the answers to the questions I've always found myself asking.

I began taking courses in psychology, literature, journalism, and documentary studies. I also began working with the college's communications team, where I began acquiring first-hand experience on how to interview, visually document, and write journalistic pieces. My written work, photographs, and videos can be found on the college's website and various social media pages.

From there, I decided to enroll in a full-time journalism program. Since 2018, I've been studying at Ithaca College as a journalism major and psychology minor. While I love reading and reporting on all types of stories -- my favorite ones are investigative, in-depth, and research driven. I love to dig at the root of why human beings think, behave, and treat one another the way that they do.

These days, I can be found at 92 WICB, where I serve as News Director and Executive Producer of the station's weekly news podcast, Ithaca Now. Through my job, I seek to tell the stories that the Ithaca community may not always hear from their major media outlets.

Outside of journalistic endeavors, I have a love for baking, hiking, board games, books, 60's and 70's classic/pop rock, true crime podcasts, and my cat Gabriel. I graduate in May of 2019, and while I don't quite know where fate will carry me next -- I'm looking forward to my next adventure, and continuing to grow as a journalist, researcher, and storyteller. 





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Henry Luce

“I became a journalist to come as close as possible to the heart of the world.”



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