I live by the wise words of late journalist Cokie Roberts: “I've covered politics long enough that I know that both sides are right, and both sides are wrong on many issues. And the smart thing to do is look at every issue, issue-by-issue. And you'll find that some people come to a conclusion that you think is rational and some people don't, and they're not in the same party all the time and they're not of the same ideology all the time.”

I put passion, creativity, and diligence into each journalistic piece I work on. Whether it's audio, digital, multimedia, or visual; I seek to tell stories that are accessible to and representative of all listeners, readers, and viewers. 

While I'm familiar with multiple journalistic platforms, I have a particular passion for radio and podcasts. In addition to reporting, I am experienced in audio producing and editing, on-air hosting, and live interviewing, along with other production related skills. You can check out my portfolio on this site. Feel free to contact me with any inquiries!



I was born and raised in the suburbs just outside Pittsburgh. I loved the Steel City and still do -- but growing up, I always felt a desire to venture beyond the city limits.

After high school, I hopped on a plane and journeyed to Mount Desert Island, just off the coast of Northern Maine, where I attended College of the Atlantic -- a tiny liberal arts college comprised of just 350 students. As I began exploring my interests, I quickly found a passion for learning more about human beings and their behavior, the world around me, and the answers to the questions I've always found myself asking.

I began taking courses in psychology, literature, journalism, and documentary studies. I also began working with the college's communications team, where I began acquiring first-hand experience on how to interview, visually document, and write journalistic pieces. 

From there, I decided to enroll in a full-time journalism program. In 2018, I began studying at Ithaca College as a journalism major and psychology minor. I became heavily involved in the school's award-winning radio station, WICB -- where I served as News Director and Executive Producer of the station's weekly news podcast, Ithaca Now. 

After graduating in 2019, I landed a reporting position at the NPR affiliate WHQR in Wilmington, NC. Shortly after my arrival, I began training as a fill-in host for All Things Considered, and discovered a passion and knack for on-air hosting. I was quickly promoted to regular host, and I now I split my time between that and reporting.

While I love reading and reporting on all types of stories -- my favorite ones are in-depth, and research driven. I especially love science of any kind, and anything that digs at the root of why human beings think, behave, and treat one another the way that they do. 

I love Wilmington, and I'm so grateful to wake up every day and do what I love, surrounded by wonderful people. I'm so excited to continue to meet new people here, tell the stories that matter, and learn more about this special community.





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Henry Luce

“I became a journalist to come as close as possible to the heart of the world.”



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(412) 527-1733

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